360 Community Development Corporation

“We rebuild  low-income communities, one project at a time in a diverse and inclusive manner.”

"Making a Difference in peoples lives"

360 puts their heart in every affordable unit it rehabs and preserves.

We work with State and local governments, apartment management companies, investors and landlords to facilitate grants, low subsidy loans to create decent, safe, and affordable housing units and other beneficial programs. We offer all the necessary services to obtain capital financing and assure the quality of housing construction and property management for projects located in Maryland (Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Baltimore counties), Wisconsin (Dane, Racine, and Milwaukee Counties), Georgia (Muscogee, and Harris Counties), North Carolina (Mecklenburg, Granville, Wake Counties), New Jersey (Camden and Mercer County), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), and the District of Columbia.  

360’s rehabs affordable housing units in an energy efficient and an environmental friendly manner.

We partner with LEED Certified Developers to provide active technologies to harness the solar, wind, and biological cycles to allow for affordable housing units the opportunity to become grid-independent. We build long-term and durable rehab of affordable units with energy efficient appliances for all properties within low income communities. Every project rehabbed by 360 will receive cutting-edge technology as we attempt to become greener in the world in which we share.

360 stimulates local commerce.

Every property we rehab brings revenue for local contractors and partners. For every 25 units rehabbed, there are an average of 30 subcontractors hired.   360 helps reverse a slowing economy and troubled job market within low-income areas.  Plus, new residents bring additional revenue to local businesses when they move in.

360’s unique business model provides accountability on development matters in low income areas.

One-third of our governing body board members consist of low income community representatives.  A governing body board member can be qualified as a low-income community representative in any one of the following three ways:  1. Being a member of low-income household; 2. Residing in a low income census tract; and 3. Appointment to the governing body through election by members of another organization consisting exclusively of residents of a low-income neighborhood.

360 has a solid track record with all of our partners.

Our goals could not be met without our city leaders, financial partners, neighborhood groups and housing agencies who provide us with tax credits needed to make our affordable housing communities a reality.

Most importantly – 360 is building lives upward.

When families take pride in where they live – they stay and they thrive. Behavioral Studies continue to show that children perform better at school when they are proud of where they live. Single parents worry less about income after rent is due. It means active seniors can finally relax after a lifetime of work.  Children can enjoy a safe environment to play, learn and grow.

what we do


360 Community Development Corporation’s goal is to bring affordable sustainable housing to underrepresented neighborhoods and communities, thus fight blight, poverty and promoting self-sufficiency.


360 uses local, State, and Federal grants and/or low subsidized loans to property managers, landlords, and investors for the rehabilitation of both single and multi-family affordable housing within urban, peri-urban, and rural underserved


360 Community Development Corporation makes a difference in the lives of people in the very-low, low and moderate income areas. To do this, we pledge to be a catalyst for economic inclusion for the poor. With your support, we are able to


360 Community Development Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation and CDFI Certified