360 Community Development Corporation

“We rebuild  low-income communities, one project at a time in a diverse and inclusive manner.”

About Us

Our Mission
To provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing solutions to people of modest means.
Our Values

Our values and principles also help us on our journey to sustainable development. By living according to our defined Corporate Values and Business Principles we can meet the needs of our organization and clients today, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing housing opportunities for the future.

  • Integrity: Above all, we are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

  • Teamwork: It is the essence of our ability to succeed as a trusted supplier of affordable housing opportunities to our clients. Our overriding loyalty is to the good of the whole organization. We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organizational boundaries for our clients’ benefit.

  • Respect: We respect every individual. We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, at the same time supporting personal growth and development. We value, and we all benefit, from the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.

  • Professionalism: We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, we pursue innovation, we deploy imagination, we are open to new ideas and we act decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long lasting and close.
  • People First: We believe the potential of our company has no limit and is driven by our associates and their imagination. We are committed to an environment that attracts, motivates and recognizes high performance.

  • Customers: We are here to please our customers (e.g. city governments, landlords, property management companies, investors)—without them nothing else matters.

  • Quality: We must take pride in everything we do. From our people, to our products and in our relationships with business partners and our community.
Our Vision
360 is a non-profit developer with a sensible approach, in a caring environment for people of modest means. We will be the premier coordinator of State, County, and local grants or low subsidized loans for property management companies, landlords, and investors of affordable rental housing opportunities in 12 counties within six states and Washington, D.C.

360 Community Development Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation and CDFI Certified